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Our delivery program

Everything from one source

Matrix diameters up to 1,440 mm pose no problem for us. Additionally, our delivery program includes dies and die sleeves, as well as wear and reinforcement rings, and the refurbishment (grinding and reaming) of molds.

We supply ring dies for all pellet presses.


Quality is no coincidence

Precision without standstill

Especially under high loads, our dies demonstrate the quality you expect. This is the result of an experienced and well-coordinated team, cutting-edge manufacturing methods, and the entire value chain in-house.

It’s the small things that make the big difference. Particularly in hardening, we can apply our entire expertise, ensuring you receive a die with maximum concentricity and optimal hardness in terms of break resistance and service life.

Our dies are exclusively deep-hole drilled and run in. The result is precise and smooth pressing channels that can be put into operation immediately by you, without any running-in time.

During the final inspection, all dies are checked for dimensions and concentricity accuracy. Running in the die is a standard practice for us. Only when all pressing channels are optimally run-in, the die is released for shipping. It’s important for us that the die delivers full performance from the beginning once it’s in your hands.

Roller shells

Our roller shells

An ideal pair: Dies and roller shells from GRA

Similar to our approach with dies, we prioritize quality in our roller shells. Maximum concentricity ensures a long lifespan of the press roller bearings and low-vibration operation of the pellet press. The bearing seat in the roller shell is ground to ensure optimal bearing fit.

Punched, grooved with open or closed ends, as well as angled grooving. With us, you’ll find the appropriate roller shells for every machine and process.

Our standard material is C50, and for more demanding use, we recommend roller shells made from 100Cr6.

Spare parts

Spare parts

Wear rings, reinforcement rings, and complete rollers

Benefit from our wear and reinforcement rings, precisely tailored to the dies. We deliver complete rollers for many types of presses in the usual GRAF quality.


Our technology

Production and Quality Management


The quality of a die is evident right from the blank. We have strict requirements for the material of the blanks, the drilling and hardening processes, as well as the final inspection.


Our machinery is carefully calibrated and partially developed in-house. The CNC lathes are customized to our needs. Our deep hole drilling machines, where our experience is incorporated, ensure the precision of our pressing channels. In the vacuum hardening facilities and during the final finishing of the dies, our products are processed according to your requirements.


All processes in our manufacturing are coordinated. Each piece is inspected after every step, ensuring top quality ‘Made in Germany.