Our company

We introduce ourselves

Tradition with short distances

GRAF Pressformen stays for precision and quality since 1966. Through constant development of our machinery, particularly through the in-house development of NC deep hole drilling and countersinking machines, we have established ourselves as a leader in quality at attractive prices in the market.

We have over 56 years of experience. We operate in two facilities with over 50 employees, maintaining a stock of up to 1500 blanks. This allows us to manufacture flexibly and swiftly. Flat hierarchies enable rapid responses to your requirements.

Our philosophy

We think about customers

Customer proximity matters

In a globalized world, contact is often lost. We don’t let that happen. It’s important for us to know your needs. Only by working closely do better results emerge.

When you get in touch with us, it’s crucial for us to fully understand the situation you want to solve. We talk with you and we ask questions. That’s what we understand as good cooperation. We bring in our knowledge, experience, and products to best realize your project.

Years of experience allow us to comprehend your situation, think as you do, and collaborate with you on implementing your project.

We support you from your inquiry to shipping. And if you have a question during the project, you’ll always find someone to assist you. Take advantage of these benefits. Let us show you how closely we work with you.

Our customers

Our customers

Pellet quality and energy consumption count

Best pellet quality with low energy consumption is the key to satisfied customers and attractive pricing. We at GRAF Pressformen are familiar with both the feed industry and the industry for biogenic fuels such as wood pellets.

Our decades of experience in these fields enable us to advise you specifically and comprehensively to deliver the best possible die. Utilize our expertise, especially when it comes to pelleting challenging and new raw materials.

Our Standard

People, Machines & Products

Pellet quality and energy consumption count

Our dies are the result of the interplay between experienced employees and in-house developed machinery. Our employees are the guarantee for manufacturing at the highest level. Our production is the outcome of a combination of experience and the latest manufacturing technology. Each die is a unique piece, produced according to your requirements.

Every innovation or improvement is based on the experience and knowledge of our employees. This ensures a constant enhancement in all processes. The results are optimized delivery times and improved control of processed materials. Through our constant developments, you will always receive dies of the highest quality.